My name is Robin Abramovic and i am from Vienna/Austria based in Leipzig/Germany now. All my details like exhibitions and that stuff you can find in my official PORTFOLIO.


Few years ago i started with doing Streetart cause at this time i needed a way to express myself. Over the years i developed my skillz and started different art projects like BAMBSY or HEROBIN. In 2015 i moved permanently from Austria to Mostar/Bosnia for my own artistic freedom and to grow up by myself. Over the last years i did a lot of urban artworks which also reached millions of people online and i made friends with people from all over the world cause of that.


As a profesionall "wallpainter" i get invitations from several Streetart festivals and thats cool cause i love to travel and painting pictures just to get free holidays is really one of the amazing parts when you are into Streetart.


But i also care about the world and the problems we have to deal with. My Bambsy project for example is a way to give something back to the community and helping children with no parents or with tragic social backgrounds is something i feel i need to do. I feel very connected to them cause i dont have parents by my own and i know how it is to have no home.


I reached a lot in the last years and people sometimes tell me i am big lucker but what people dont see is what i paid for that by giving up a compfortable life. There is a lot of social critizism in my artwork and sometimes i believe i should not do that cause the world is full with bad stuff anyway but i have this urge inside myself to show solidarity and even the topics i sometimes come up with are not nice i just do it.. sorry for that but you can choose by yourself which artists you follow or not.

For my future i wanna say that my plan is to visit as much countries as possible and meet people who inspire me. I always say the most important mission you have as an artist is "CREATE & INSPIRE".. its all about that. I am an artist cause i got inspired by someone and i hope i do the same for others.